Öppet brev till Rektor Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson vid Karolinska Institutet

Detta öppna brev skickade Medicinska Föreningen till vår kära Rektor Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson för några veckor sedan med anledning av Karolinska Institutets byggnation av Biomedicum – framtidens forskningscentrum (länk för mer info). 


One building for research and education 


Dear Rektor Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson, Karolinska Institutet,

We are very pleased to hear and read about the plans for the new research building “Biomedicum” on our campus in Solna. The new building will be a great long-term-investment in the future and takes into account the necessity of multi-disciplinary research and collaboration, the foundation of Karolinska Institutets excellence.

But one should not forget another important element of the excellence of our university – the education of students. We know that a lot of things are done to improve the education of students and that new areas for students will be created. However, a medical university can only be successful if the three pillars of medical education go hand in hand: patients care – research and education.

Therefore needs a new research building also space for education of the next researcher generation!

Research and education form a unit – they stimulate, complement and influence each other.

 For younger students the local combination of research and education implements the possibility to get them enthusiastic about research, if they see what is done in such a big institution. The spatial separation of research and education misses the chance of student teacher synergy.

Furthermore top researchers might not be very willing to leave their offices for lectures elsewhere.

Especially research intensive study programmes like the biomedical programmes would benefit, should the students have the possibility to participate and study with our spearhead of researchers. As well as working with and help develop the methods and materials of the research groups.

Even a well equipped student laboratory cannot provide students with proper examples of methods which most of today’s high-tech research requires.


Education needs research to stay up to date, and to help give students the possibilty for proper scientific work already during their studies.

Research needs education to spread the knowledge, to receive feedback and to get new ideas from students.


Therefore we demand: one building for research and education. This heavily implies student’s laboratories and lecture halls also in the plans for the new “Biomedicum” building.


Because students are our future and should be in our focus.


On behalf of Medicinska Föreningen,

Anna Eklöf, Presidieledamot



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