Solvik Vårfixarhelg – winter is past!

Not only the weather was overwhelming also the participation of MF members from all kinds of associations and sections was outstanding.


Last weekend Sporstugunämnden called MF to our first reparation and cleaning week in 2012 –Vårfixarhelgen– and many followed. On Friday we even reached Solviks bed capacity of 24 and corresponding to this we got a lot work done to successfully start the renting season of our hidden treasure on Värmdö.

Here a short summary:

Everything started with three cars (coming to Solvik from all over the country – even from Norrland) full of working material, new mattresses, chainsaws and a lot of food, as well as highly motivated students…

Image Image

All beds with old mattresses got new ones and we got also new blankets for all beds (so don’t forget to bring your bed clothes when you come next time). In the living room we got new couches (sponsored by our former vice chairwomen and revolutionist Anna E.). We oiled the bridges and put them back in the water because our 0°C swimming trip in the night before was not so easy without…one of them is even back now at the sauna place – a sign that shows that we hope to get a new sauna soon. We reinstalled the toilets (with the ingenious Wikberg-Holl system), cleaned the basement and declared Mr. Mouse the war. The kitchen got new colour (partly hazelnut-brown^^) and we built a shoe shelf in MF colours (art in progress).

Image ImageImage ImageImage


















We also tried to get closer to our main goal – beautiful cleanliness for beautiful guests – and cleaned around and in the houses and put everything in proper order. The experienced Solvik veterans were all Saturday out and cut trees (endless fight against nature) and brought light back in the forest and wood to the fireplace.

The dinners were fancy – somewhere between higher military style and chicken dance and we opened the bbq season in beautiful sunshine with high class hotdogs after official colonization and claiming of the land with our MF flag.


Besides traditional Swedish singing with song master Jens, a spontaneous MF spex and French drinking songs, some German wake-up-dance songs were demanded regularly for a proper evening programme.

Thanks to everyone who participated, it was an awesome weekend, you did a great job and I hope to see you all back in summer during our Fixarvecka (week 23).


You will find all information about Solvik here.

If you want to rent Solvik contact our janitor Peter.

And if you have any other questions about Solvik or want to become active, maybe as Solvik Fogde or during one of the next ”fixar”-days contact us (Fogde of Solvik).

//Daniel Holl, Sportstuguchef



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