Not a salary under 24000 sek or a rainbowcoloured pub, what is your choise?


Its a lot of things happening now on campus Solna, first out is the rainbowpub tomorrow friday, openinghours as always between 16-22.


And then at the 5th of may the nurses hosting a huge party with dinner and afterparty on the theme “not under 24000” which is part of the project with the same name supporting the hopefully increased salary for the nurses. Everyone supporting the project or just want to have an awesome night are welcome!


Where? Nobels väg 10, Campus Solna
When? Saturday 5/5
Dinner starts at 18.00 and afterparty at 22.00-03.00
Price? 200 kr for dinner and afterparty
80 kr for only the afterparty
How? Pay 200 kr no later then 27/4 at
Bank: Swedbank
Clearingsnumber: 8079-6
Kontonumber: 74 230 953-7

Write the first letter on your forename and your hole lastname in the massegebox.

If you have any special restrictions regarding food or prefer a non alcoholic drink you also mail to

We hope to see you there!


Have a nice thursday evening!



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