Friday the 13th is truly a happy day for Medicinska Föreningen!

This morning we received notice from Värmdö muncipitality that our grant for renovating our private road, and building an add-on-toilet building, at Solvik has been accepted! Permission to renovate our private road means that we can ensure that people will get to Solvik, without any problems, by car. The condition of the road have during the last years detoriated and at the time a renovation is really needed! 

Regarding the toilets: handeling of urine and feaces has always been a problem at Solvik. We have basically tested all known and legal ways of disposing human excrements! In 2011 we were granted permission to use the urine as a soil fertilization, provided that we diluted it 10 times. The feaces is instead put into composts which, after 3 years, also can be used as a soil fertilizer. So since the 20th of June 2011 we have been using this system; and it works great! However, we realized that this solution does not work during the winter, since we:

1) are not allowed to pump out diluted urine during the winter

2) have no possibilities of storing the urine in a frost-freee environment during winter.

If we are allowed to build the complement building, in direct proximity to the old toilet house, we would solve the problem described in 2)! Thus we hope that we in the future will be able to rent out Solvik during the whole year!

For more information about Solvik please check out our uptated Facebook page:
and for information on when you can rent it, please see:

Today is however not only about Solvik. We also celebrate that our new party-lights, and DJ mixer, have been installed in the Gasque (located under the main ball room at the MF house). The new lights and DJ mixer will make parties there even more intense! =)




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