Solvik fixarvecka 2012

FOR ENGLISH AND GERMAN TRANSLATIONS, SEE BELOW + an update on the working-hours per section/association/committee!

Juni 5-10 är det äntligen dags igen! Solvikfixarveckan går då av stapeln.
Det finns massor med roliga saker att göra så ta chansen och kom ut och ha det trevligt och träffa nytt folk! Alla som är sugna på att jobba lite ute i den friska luften är välkomna! Vi bjuder på mat och dryck för föranmälda personer.

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Here it is – the event you have all been longing for: Solvik Fixarvecka 2012
From the 5th to the 10th of June we will paint walls, fell trees, repair windows, bbq, swim, and have a lot of fun out in the sun and many other funny and exhilarating small tasks are on the duty list for this weekend. The best thing will be to meet many new and friendly people – don’t hesitate and join our “Fixahelg” in Solvik. Everyone who wants to work a bit outside in the fresh air is welcome. We offer food and drinks to everyone who is registered.
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Best regards,

Schon bald ist es wieder soweit, worauf ihr alle gewartet habt – Solvik Fixarvecka 2012
Von fünften bis zehnten Juni geht es wieder darum zu streichen, fällen, reparieren, grillen, schwimmen und viel Spaß in der Sonne und andere Aufgaben und stehen auf der Liste für die Woche Anfang Juni. Hast du Lust daran etwas draußen an der frischen Luft zu arbeiten, bist du herzlich Willkommen. Essen und Getränke werden für alle die sich anmelden gestellt.

Anmelde dich hier:

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 Viele Grüße, Fogdarna

In 2012 the following new rule was introduced:

Each student body that also in the future wants to use its free day in Solvik on an annual basis, has to contribute with work equal to two working days (2×8 hours) at one of the “fixa-“events.
The associations / committees that help with the most workers receive as a bonus one extra free day in Solvik.

After our amazing fixarhelg this spring the toplist looks like this:

To get your extra free Solvik day – come and join with as many people as possible, or try to convince one of the people whose working hours are not assigned to one union body (until now)^^:

As written above, we will provide the food basics, if you have any special requirements please mail us. Please bring all kinds of drinks, snacks and special food on your own. Please bring also your own bed linen, towel and a good mood!
See you soon!


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