There is a lot going on at MF today!

So finally Värmdö municipality made up their mind. After waiting for 11 weeks we got impatient and called them up (22/5) and asked if our case really as complicated as they made it seem. On friday they made their official descision to approve our plans to rebuild a sauna identical to the previous one. Today we called them again and received this fabulous news! We still have not received any papers to validate the claim, either way, we are extremly happy and hope to start with the construction ASAP! The estimate that it will be done before the end of June still holds.

The previous sauna was destroyed in a fire on the 4th of september 2010.

1 comment
  1. Peter Peter Peter said:

    Värmdö municipality made a serious trololol on MF taking so much time getting this done.. (if it really is done that is..)


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