A Zombiebreakoute?!

There seems to be a zombiebreakoute world wide. First the naked man in Miami who got his face eaten by an other naked man… (Link) And then the researcher at KI* whom ate his wife’s lips.. (Link) Scary!!

Here is a quick Zombieguide from us:

First you have to identify the potential zombie

If it is a Zombie and you have a chance, use your head and cut of theirs!


And then, if it is a huge zombieattack, you have to run! Or go by bike, which is the most efficient way of getting away of a zombie if you are alone, they can’t run so fast

To learn more about how to survive a Zombie you can watch this video. Keep you alive folks!

* Viktigt meddelande: Forskaren är i dag inte anställd av KI utan endast knuten till Universitetet genom ett anknytningsbeslut! Important note: the researcher isn’t hired by KI, just associated to the University through a related decision!

(Pictures from here, and here and here)

1 comment
  1. Erik said:

    Tack för tipsen! Bra att ni inte tipsade om skyddsrummen i MFs kårhus. Då får jag ha dem för mig själv!!!


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