MF on top

Sometimes, the world looks a bit different from above and big problems appear less important from another point of view. Good that our neighbours invited us for a tour on top of KI after a turbulent start into the summer holidays!


On Friday we got the supernice chance to visit Karolinska Institutes future Aula that is growing now for more than one year in front of our main entrance. Anders from NCC Construction guided us through a lot of scaffolding, concrete and golden windows.


The contruction work will be finished during next spring and in summer 2013 KI will move in. The lecture hall with its 1,000-seat auditorium, will not only be home for the nobel lectures but also many other KI and international events for a bigger audience.


On the ground floor a restaurant will move in, which will be opened also during the evenings and on top together wither the KI admintration offices ”Svarta Räven” will re-open, which is at home in our student house at the moment.

The building with its maybe record breaking slopy sidings has been fully financed by a private donation from the Erling-Persson Foundation.

We hope that this building will in the future equally be home and meeting place for guests from all over the world, researchers and students.

…oh yeah and maybe this tactic eternalized in wood on top of the Aula would have helped on Friday as well…





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