Solvik Fixarvecka 2012

What a week!

What do this long lists with tasks…


…the star cook and the super worker in ”Guantanamo dräkt”…


…this little tree…


…the tank and its conqueror…


…the flag ship of MF stena line…


…and life footcall in front of a cozy fire have in common?


Yes – they are all a sure sign of an amazing and successful Solvik Fixarvecka!

From Tuesday till Sunday (5.-10. of June) Sportstugunämnden invited Medicinska Föreningen to join the Solvik Fixarvecka 2012 to preseve and improve or treasure in Stockholms archipelago and many students, ex-students and friends of Medicinska Föreningen follow the call. Especially on Tuesday and Wednesday, Swedens national day we had full house and managed to start up many projects.

But one after another…

On Tuesday the PrU crew was woken up early from their well deserved Solvik holiday after a successful Examensfest at the weekend and many of our friends replaced beer and cola with spade and cleaning cloth. After a big shopping tour to fill up our stock with food and working material we well prepared for the coming week. During the afternoon it became crowded at the sunny bay, friends from Blåslaget, Corpus, Fokus, different sections and many more joined. During the evening also ”Förvaltningsutskottet” (administration committee) met to take important decisions about the future of our union house and Solvik.

We got a new stair step at Sjöstugan, a super ditch and a hole to preserve Fogdestugan. The fight against nature was continued to prohibit the further spreading of Heracleum (Jättebjörnloka). We removed moss from the roof and cut grass and many more things for a good Solvik maintenance. The Sauna-jetty was excellently repaired and a new water mixer was installed. The main room and the door of our ”Lusthuset” got a new coat of paint and then digging and more digging…

One of the bigger projects was to get a deep hole for a new urine tank which is necessary to allow rental of Solvik also during winter in the future…but on the way to this almost two meter deep hole many problems had to be solved, the first one was a big birch tree at the place of the future hole…here a nice clip (by Ludde):

…what followed, was a night shift with extreme root removing and two days digging with speed of about 5-10cm per hour into the muddy, stony ground of Solvik. There is still a lot of work waiting to get the tank installed, but the first step is done!

To the end of the week the participation at our Fixarvecka decreased measurable and mostly the old Solvik gang and friends continued their daily work – which had of course no influence on the productivity and after the daily valkyrie wakening call it was time for more important projects. And like always the final cleanup with a super ordered garden shed and kitchen took longer than expected – but the next renting guests were waiting and only if everyone leaves the house in proper condition we will have fun with Solvik for a long time…

We are really thankful for everyone who came out to Värmdo to make their contribution to Solvik which allows us as student union to preserve this important place for student leisure and gathering. We hope that everyone who joined had fun and didnt see it as annoying duty (even if some ditches turned out to be hard work (-;).

Thanks to everyone  who participated and a very special thank to all the Solvik veterans. Without you, your constant commitment and knowledge about Solviks past and ideas for Solviks future this week would not have been possible! Thanks also to our former Fogdechef Anders who unfortunately couldn’t participate but provided his car during the fixarvecka.

Whats coming next:

Now all the big projects will start that many people and especially our chairman Johan put a lot of effort in during the last month and years, with planning, building permissions and discussion with local authorities…

From Monday on we will get a new road to Solvik. In the next weeks the building activities for the Sauna will start and we will make the toilets winter-proof!


There is always something to do and we are happy for every helping hand.

/Daniel for Solviks Fogdar



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