What´s up?

Hi there 🙂

Hope everything is allright with you all! The summer might not have had the best start, but if you look at it from the bright side – it can only get better 🙂

If you still feel that the sun has let you down, you shouldn´t be too sad ´cause Medicinska Föreningen will stay with you all summer!! And it seems that our construction workers will too 🙂 At the moment they are de-constructing the huge cranes that´s been occupying our view from the windows for the last six months. It´s quite fun to see theese huge things get picked apart like lego 🙂
The auditorium is also getting more and more of its windows, which sure is a lot nicer than the white cover!








And as if that wasn´t enough exitement for one day, Medicinska Föreningen will keep up the EM-tradition and show the game tonight! Kick-off is at 8.45 p.m. so come a bit earlier so you have time to buy your football beer!

Take care, we´ll be in touch 🙂



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