Summerjob at MF

It seems like most of the campus started aestivation, but we are there for you – even during the summer…


Solvik got a beautiful (and vulnerable (-;) new road – which makes it even easier to find your way out to our treasure on Värmdö. There are still some weeks free for booking during the summer:

week 29, 33 and 34 (please check and contact to book a spontaneous summer holiday in our ”Sportstuga”.

Thereafter Solvik can be booked day-wise again. All sections and union-bodies have one day free at Solvik – use it! and all our members get a big discount on their booking. You can use Solvik for example for your next birthday party, just to relax or maybe a very special lab-retreat (-;

On Friday we fixed the floor in the copy room, which was one part of the beautification-plan for ”Utskottsvåningen” – the rooms which all associations and union bodies – that means YOU – can use in our student union house…

Image  Image

As you see there is always something going on here…if you are around during the summer and also want to help a bit fixing the union house or Solvik before the next term starts, let us know – there is always something to do!

Kårexpeditionen (Union office):



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