Count down

…in just 2,5 weeks the autumn semester of 2012 kicks off! Medicinska Föreningen is in the middle of all the welcome- and introduction preparations.

This week we moved in to our new office in Huddinge! Yipeee!!
From now on you can (besides the office at Nobels väg 10 in Solna as usual) visit us at Alfred Nobels Allé 23 in Huddinge at ground floor. We are really thrilled ´cause the new office feels so much more suited for us than the old office at ANA 8. Now we will be visible to our students and located at the same place that you are 🙂

As soon as we have decided on the opening hours for the Huddinge office, you´ll be able to find them on our website.

Besides a new office we´ll be launching a brand new web shop where you can buy Medicinska Föreningen hoodies, water bottles, name tags and penn lights – which are perfect for everyone who goes out on APU during their education.

On Friday the 7th of September we arange this semester´s first Friday Pub – which also happens to be a Info Pub 🙂 Don´t miss it! Especialy not if you´re a new student at KI. At the Info Pub you can get all your questions about the student association answered and you´ll meet a ton of great people. RFSU will also be there and lead a seminar about sexuality with guest lectures which we think will be absolutely great!

So now; welcome to the autumn semester of 2012 – we hope you´ll enjoy it!

/Medicinska Föreningen




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