Kandidera till Fullmäktige 2013! / Candidate for MF council 2013

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The Medicinska Föreningen Council (FUM) is the highest decision-making body within the student association. There are 29 posts in Fum, from which 15 are appointed by the programme specific sections and the remaining 14 are open for free nomination/ candidature. The FUM posts are elected for one year and you have to be a member of Medicinska Föreningen to be engaged.

The FUM meetings and minutes are held and written in swedish.

The nomination/ candidature is open until the 5th of October. Send your application to valnamnden@medicinskaforeningen.se and fill in both the swedish and english version. Don´t forget to attach a photo!

Voting is between 19th and 26th of October on http://www.medicinskaforeningen.se



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