KI President nomination – your opinion

The nomination process of Karolinska Institutets new President (Rektor) will soon enter the home stretch!

The process of finding a new President for our University started in December 2011 when the form of the recruitment process was decided and will end in November 2012 when the government appoints the successor of Harriet Wallberg-Henriksson.

Inbetween a lot happened, the KI Steering Group and the Search Committee assessed 99 nominations during the last month to find in the end three candidates who fulfilled all requirements and were willing to take the last step in the nomination process. “The three who are now the final candidates for the office of president at KI are all held aloft as successful leaders in complex organisations and as internally renowned scientists with substantial experience of collaborations between the academic and healthcare sectors and excellent communication skills.” (Madeleine Svärd, KI-webb)

On Thursday the 20th of September the candidates presented themselves to the Consultative College (Hörandeförsamling) where also the MF student representatives asked their questions to express the students’ views. The consultative college will rank the Candidates (noncommittal ranking) in a further meeting on Thursday the 27th before the University Board and finally the Government make their decisions.

Before we will go the “final” meeting of the Consultative College , we would also like to hear your opinion about the candidates. Do you have any pro or contra arguments towards one or the other candidate or is there something that you want to tell your representatives?

Please Mail us (our use the comment function here) your opinion till Thursday 27th of September 15.00h!


Ämne/Subject: ”rektorsval 2012”


• Lars Berglund, professor of medicine and senior associate dean of research at the UC Davis School of Medicine, Sacramento, California, USA

.• Anders Hamsten, professor of cardiovascular disease at KI and consultant at the Karolinska University Hospital cardiology clinic.

• Martin Ingvar, professor of integrative medicine and dean of research at KI.


These are the final candidates for the office of president at Karolinska Institutet. The University Board will be taking its decision on whom to recommend to the government on 11 October. First, however, the consultative assembly, which represents the faulty, students and staff at KI, will rank the candidates after a hearing to be held on 20 September. The new president will take up office on 1 January 2013. 

*Picture and information taken from KI-internwebb and*

-for the MF representatives in the Consultative College

Daniel Holl (

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