Consultative College: Anders Hamsten should become KIs next president (rektor)

The Consultative College (Hörandeförsamling) has convened and spoken with a clear voice.

Today Karolinskas Institutets consultative college met and gave their opinion about the question who should become president of our university from the beginning of January 2013 (see blog from September the 24th). The consultative college should represent a cross section of our university including teachers/researchers (53 representatives), employees (15 representatives) and students (15 representatives from MF and OF).

The meeting started with a broad discussion about the election system that should be used afterwards. With a small majority we decided that each representative has one vote and that the college votes until one candidate has a absolute majority of votes (that means, if none of the candidates gets more than 50% after the first round a second election round is necessary with the two best candidates from round one – two-round system).

Thereafter everyone had the chance to advocate for the one or the other candidate. Several speakers took the chance and said surprisingly open who and why they favor the one or the other candidate.

The student representatives discussed the candidate question already before the meeting and we had many positive but also critical arguments for and against the candidates, because all three would have been highly qualified for the job as KI president. Although education and the future of training on all levels (Bachelor, Master, vocational training, free standing courses, PhD…) are the questions we thought most of, we also discussed the future of our university in general, the chance to get a general overhaul with knowledge from outside, or the chance to focus more on excellence to be able to meet global competition…and not least the presentation of the candidates in the last week had a strong influence on the decision.

As all representatives agreed on Anders Hamsten as the best candidate for the job as KIs next president, we presented our collective decision during the meeting today as well.

But even without this decision was the election result already in the first round astonishingly clear:

Martin Ingvar: 11

Lars Berglund: 15

Anders Hamsten: 57


As next step of the nomination procedure the KI Steering Group will decide who of the candidates they support and the government has the last word to announce our new rector in November.

We would like to thank all three candidates that they took on this tough process and we were happy that we had the chance and hard task to choose between three really qualified people. First and foremost are we looking forward to work good, close and effective together with our new president!

Do you have any questions about the process or the decision or do you just want to comment – feel free to use the comment function here, mail MF, use facebook or talk with us…

…do you also want become student representative – apply now! – for example for the international committee or FUM!!!

The search committee and the Consultative College have now the task to find also a new vice-president. We are happy to get all your comments during this coming process as well.

/Daniel Holl (



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