MFs and OFs movie from the headmaster installation ceremony

Last Friday was a great day for MF because it was the day we released the movie we made together with OF. The movie was for KI’s headmaster installation ceremony in Stockholm city hall. The reactions from the audience were really good. A lot of laughter during the movie and a lot of positive comments afterwards. We had for sure the best presentation during the whole ceremony. After the film Anders Hamsten got four tennis balls. Three of them had a word written on them: Education, Housing and Campus. The fourth was given blank to Anders Hamsten with the promise to get it back with another area that he wants to highlight.

Today, by coincidence the local news abc at SVT visited KI and asked some students about their housing situation. The result of their small poll enhances one of the important messages sent out in MF and OFs movie. – look at 4:08



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