Full house thursday

Medicinska Föreningens student union house is full with happy, important and active people from different sections, associations, societies and even from other universities. Activities are going on up to the last room…

Here some impressions from a thursday evening at MF:

Corpus discusses about their next performance in Utskottvåningen…ImageIntersektionen filled gasquen with a really interesting discussion about the ”secret hospital” (hemliga kliniken)…ImageMedicinska Föreningens Fullmäktige had their second meeting in 2013 with a long but interesting agenda – many pages with MF activity proposal for the coming year were discussed, Mikael and Andreas (NNC generals) presented their plan for the event of the events in 2013 – the Nobel Night Cap, two new board members (Dennis Roth and Sandra Astnell) and a new chief editor for our student newspaper Medicor and many other highly active student representing MF were elected – congratulations!ImageStroket had to move to the student union office for their rehearsal due to lack of space, but performed with the same high quality as always.ImageFöreningen Ekonomerna from Stockholms University prepared for big party in our aula…Image…and tomorrow is friday again and time for our traditional friday-Pub!



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