Testing foundations and lab skills: an objective way of fitting student’s and supervisor’s expectations?

Time: 6-8 p.m. April 29

Location: Kårexpeditionen (the MF office)

A common reason for conflicts between students and supervisors is the student not living up to the expectations of the supervisor or vice versa. In many leading institutes worldwide graduate students are required to write admission tests (such as subject based GREs, GATEs or the EMBL selection interviews). At KI there are no such broad central admission tests, and it might therefore be difficult to judge whether the student has the prerequisite knowledge for a specific project. On Monday April 29 at 6 p.m. you are welcome to come to ”kårexpeditionen” (the student union office) at MF to discuss the need of objective evaluation of students at KI. The following questions will be addressed:

  1. Which subjects should be tested if KI introduces admission tests? Should each department have their own test?
  2. Will admission tests increase the confidence in the student’s scientific ability from the supervisor’s side?
  3. How can central admission tests be helpful in solving conflicts due to ‘’supervisor’s/student’s expectations’’?
  4. How do we test lab skills in an objective way?
  5. How do we test the degree of excitement in the student for a specific proposed project?
  6. Should KI introduce admission tests?


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