Spring/Vårfixarhelg 2013

From the 12th to the 14th of April it was time a again for one of our regular MF Solvik outdoor exercises – the 2013 spring fixing weekend!

In comparison with former spring weekends, winter refused to release its grip on Värmdö. Instead of cutting grass or repairing the jetties some other tasks were on the list for this weekend…


One of the roofs of our sheds had to be renewed after some water damage during the last year.


…and the door to the veranda got a fantastic new coat of paint!…

   CIMG4191 CIMG4190


…yet another group continued with our big forestry project , cut hedges around our premises, produced wood chips or cleaned the ditches…


and most important for a spring fixarhelg was an extensive cleaning of all houses, windows, beds…


But even more important for the hard working MF crew was the good food that our former chairman Erik Hagman prepared, a bunch of good songs and midnight sauna with bath in the ice cold sea.

521610_10151518789044876_1551298495_n 64408_10151518789404876_1103140281_n


The sports cabin committee would like to thank everyone who participated during the weekend from many different union organs and countries and hopes to see as many of you as possible soon back in Solvik.

The summer fixing week – will unfortunately be quite short this year in week 24 – after the exams party, therefore we are aiming to have some more weekends and some in-between days during summer for more repairing and maintenance work…please check the Solvik facebook page for short term notices about activities in Solvik or feel free to join the Solvik-fogde maillist, if you want to get more information and want to discuss Solviks future (mailto: danielholl@medicinskaforeningen.se).

Most of the summer weeks are still free for rental – please contact our premises manager Peter (lokaler@medicinskaforeningen.se) for more information and spread the word, if you know someone who might be interested in renting Solvik.

Find more information also on our MF homepage.



…by the way…

we got some help for future forestry work. His name is ”Teddy”…


…and how he managed to come from Färentuna to Solvik (90km – one weekend – 25km/h- adventure in Stockholm city – a free ferry trip and many disbelieving stares) is part of another story 😉



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