Honor those who with their dedication contributed to a better education and union activity at MF!
At fall during the older students amphiox, new Crux Parva Medicorum and Parva Scintilla Medicorum will be awarded to active members who have made invaluable work within MF.

Nominate someone by sending a description of why she/he should be honored and mail to skickahit@medicinskaforeningen.se no later then 31:th of May, below are descriptions for each nomination.


Crux Parva Medicorum is given to those who during a longer- or shorter time have done precious non-profit work for the Medicinska Föreningen (MF). The medal can only be given to members of MF, previous members, the societies staff and other people that have been engaged in MF.

Parva Scintilla Medicorum is awarded to the person who, for a shorter or longer time made an indispensable volunteer work for the association in the field of study monitoring. Examples of such efforts are far-reaching and persistent improvements in education / teaching / study conditions that have been at benefit for students at Karolinska Institutet. The medal can only be awarded to members, former members, association staff and others who have become involved in the association.




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