Läkarstudenter riskerar att bli utan studieplats i höst

Vi fick under förra veckan veta att drygt 50 läkarstudenter som tidigare varit spärrade riskerar att inte kunna återuppta sina studier i höst på termin 3, 4 och 5. Beskedet om detta kom så sent som i början av juli, vilket självklart skapar oro då studenternas psykiska och ekonomiska situation kan komma att påverkas. En namninsamling startades i slutet på förra veckan av en student på läkarprogrammet och har fått stor spridning.

Vi i presidiet tillsammans med Läkarsektionen (LS) och våra studentrepresentanter gör vårt bästa för att försöka hjälpa situationen och se till att KI löser plats till alla 50 studenter! I måndags närvarade vi, tillsammans med LS vice ordförande Louisa, på ett möte med KI:s ledning, programdirektor för läkarprogrammet samt prefekter och grundutbildningsansvariga vid berörda institutioner. Fokus på mötet, lett av rektor Ole Petter Ottersen, var att definiera hur man tillsammans kan gå vidare med frågan och vilka resurser som behövs för att se till att så många studenter som möjligt kan fortsätta sin utbildning till hösten.

Som studentkår är det vårt ansvar att föra studenternas talan i dialog med universitetet. Ett av MF:s viktigaste syften är just att bevaka utbildningen och därigenom se till att de studenter vi representerar har en så bra tid vid KI som möjligt! Ett stort ansvar men också superkul och utvecklande tycker vi, därför jobbar vi i princip 24/7 för att representationen av alla 10 000 studenter ska funka så bra som möjligt genom samverkan mellan sektionerna, studentrepresentanterna och KI. (Det finns alltid förbättringspotential och vi älskar förbättringsarbete så alla bra tips mottages och alla ni som vill engagera er i studiebevakning är välkomna att höra av er! 😊)

Studiebevakning via Zoom!

Vid mötet med KI tryckte vi på att alla inblandade bör göra sitt yttersta för att finna plats till alla drabbade studenter till nästa termin. Vi berättade också om namninsamlingen och att det redan då var ca 600 studenter som skrivit under! Vi blev väldigt glada av den lösningsorienterade stämningen under mötet. Alla närvarande lyssnade på oss och våra förslag på lösningar, bl.a. om att utforska möjligheterna till VFU-platser vid omkringliggande sjukhus och att det inte borde vara något problem att få plats med fler studenter på digitala teoretiska moment.

KI jobbar hårt med frågan och har redan löst plats till samtliga studenter för termin 3 i höst! Detta visar på hur stor inverkan studenternas engagemang kan ha och att det lönar sig att kämpa – stor eloge till alla er som pushat för era rättigheter och till alla som hjälpt till!

Vi följer händelseförloppet och fortsätter jobba för att se till att studenternas bästa tas i åtanke. LS har skapat en Facebook-grupp för alla er berörda studenter och även en arbetsgrupp som alla intresserade är välkomna att söka till!

Sök till arbetsgruppen senast fredag 10 juli 23:59 här.

Följ Läkarsektionen på FB.

Fan fan fan….

….is the major thing on our minds right now – we are melting in this heat and really need to buy a fan in order to prevent our brains from melting! Or maybe Hemköp Torsplan would like to sponsor us with ice cream for the hot summer? Worth a try right?! (we are frequent customers during lunch….pretty please?)

Meetings have become less frequent but that does not mean that the workload has become smaller- we have entered a new phase of our work which means putting all of our efforts into planning the next semester as well as finishing up documentation that has to be done in order for the union to work as smooth as possible!

We have also taken some pictures together for the new Studieblocket which is a notebook which is handed out each semester by Universitetsmedia-gruppen (cred to the photographer Emmanuel Zavalis!). For the next semester, we hope to increase the awareness of who are working within MF so that all members know who to come to for questions – we are here to help you!

We hope to be able to come back fresh to the campus when the semester starts with some new member surprises and things that make it even more fun to be a part of our big family! We hope to be able to make the Union House and Kårridoren in Flemingsberg two places where you members will be able to hang out and have fun – a calm and relaxed oasis in the otherwise maybe quite eventful campus life. We hope that we can do it in a safe way following the recommendations.

Be safe – use a high spf in this hot sun and cool yourself by swimming a lot on your free time (and remember, everyone has a beach body!)

/Jessica and Puck

Get involved in Framtidens Kårhus – a project that started with a… spot?

(More information on how to get involved can be found here)

The aula floor is alive, no jokes. There is a spot on the stage that during summertime starts swelling, and during winter becomes a bit like a slump – which has caused some speakers during our sittings to (almost) fall when holding their speeches. This spot has caused a lot of cursing and frustration, and maybe (with emphasis on maybe) is it this spot that made us aware of that there are many places where the Union House is in need of serious cosmetic and reconstructive changes.*

The Union House that we have today became MF’s home in 1954, and since then the largest renovation that took place was with the building of the MF Aula in 1985. We feel confident saying that this is visible when you walk around in the premises, where today’s house is in great need of serious amounts of makeup. In addition the house is not really fulfilling our organisational needs (all of you having meetings outside the Union House can relate!). What happened to being the obvious place to go to on campus when you want to connect to peers, and the place where you can learn about the most recent industrial companies that you could work for, or just grab a beer in a welcoming environment?

The preparatory work to initiate a project that solely focuses on renovating the Union House was initiated in 2016. In 2017, the work within the project started for real under the leadership of our eminent project manager Anna Eklöf (MF vice president 2010/2011), who just got her assistant Emmanuel Zavalis (MF Board) a few days ago! Behind them, they have a steering group, project group and an advisory committee to make sure that the project will ultimately lead to a brand new house where educational and study-social events can take place – a place where our members can thrive.

(Picture above: Emmanuel Zavalis, our assistant project manager!)

It was thanks to Framtidens Kårhus that the toilets were renovated in 2018, in MF’s beautiful four colors – see for yourself below!

Awesome right!? And what is more awesome is that you can be involved! Currently, there is a lot of work going on in working to get the MF alumni on board, within how the renovation and details in the different rooms will look like, finding partners and donations through e.g. foundations and planning activities that can be held within the Union House. Who knows – maybe you are our next project assistant (remunerated of course!)? Read more here (NB: English translation will be published asap)

* This is probably not true, but then as previously mentioned, Puck has a very vivid imagination!

News about meetings and events at MF

At our Board meeting yesterday, we talked about the recommendations that MF has for meetings, events and activities regarding COVID-19. For a while now, the Board has recommended all parts of MF to not host physical events and meetings in the union house and Kårridoren, to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

On May 29th, the government announced that as of June 15th, higher education institutions may return to campus-based teaching. KI has since decided to gradually return to campus-based teaching in the fall of 2020. We hope that the rich student life that we are used to can also come back to life on campus – with small baby steps in a safe manner, of course.

As a step towards this, we decided yesterday that meetings, events and activities can take place in the union house in Solna and Kårridoren in Flemingsberg as far as current recommendations and regulations are followed.

We still feel that it’s important to encourage digital meetings and to remember the personal responsibility that we all carry! Think about the following:

You can always find the latest information on the website:

MF goes green!

Medicinska Föreningen is an old student union – in fact, we’re the oldest student union in Stockholm dating back to the year 1877! Being old in the game can sometimes make you a bit too stuck in your own traditions, not being able to think outside the box – but this is something that we don’t want to do. Our motto says “diversity, dedication and development”, and how can you develop without starting to bend the box that you are standing in?

Therefore, MF has made the decision to take a leap for the future (which we are already working on with the rebuilding of our Union House) – we won’t automatically issue physical Mecenat cards!

Wait – this does not mean that you will not receive the card at all. The card will be automatically updated on your Mecenat app on the phone. However, in order to get a physical card you will have to apply for it on Mecenat’s website. We think that it is important to think about sustainable consumption – which by the way is very relevant to everything that KI is working with regarding the sustainable development goals and the agenda 2030.

KI has already stopped issuing the Mecenat cards setting a good example – and we can’t be worse, right?


What a first half of the year we’ve had! We know that this has become a bit repetitive to say, but we really want to emphasise on how extremely different these times have been. This time has challenged us in all kinds of ways – from changes within education to mental wellbeing.

In light of the current situation, we really want to extend a warm thank you to all you student representatives who have been working extremely hard to make sure that the education quality at KI is not suffering due to the pandemic. There have been huge obstacles indeed, but you have done your best to accommodate all students’ wishes and thoughts. For that, we are extremely happy.

We feel immensely proud to know that we have all of you out there working your hardest for KI’s students, whether you are sitting in a central organ at KI or at institutional level. We need to be working together to make a change, and to work side by side with KI to improve the quality of both education and research at our university. Without you, it will be difficult for KI to know what the students’ expectations and wishes are.

You are essential.

NEWS: Gradual return to campus-based teaching

KI has published their decision to start the planning of a gradual return to campus-based teaching!

All education will be in compliance with the Public Health Agency’s recommendations to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus and theoretical education will still be partly digital.

We’re really happy that KI agreed with our suggestion to prioritize new students and international students for on-campus education!

The following groups and activities will be prioritized on KI’s campuses:

  • Practical modules/skills training or practical examinations
  • New first or second-cycle students
  • Examinations not deemed possible at a distance and the examination of courses in the final year of a programme
  • Study programmes at first and second-cycle level held in English
  • Thesis defences – premises are to enable attendees to follow both physical and digital procedures

The health, wellbeing and safety of our staff and students are paramount.

– Annika Östman Wernerson, Academic Vice President for Education.

Read more on KI’s website

Successiv återgång till campusförlagd undervisning under hösten 2020 i syfte att hindra smittspridning:

Gradual return to campus-based teaching this autumn to prevent virus transmission: https://news.ki.se/gradual-return-to-campus-based-teaching-this-autumn-to-prevent-virus-transmission


[English on page 2]

Idag och imorgon tar en hel drös fantastiska MF:are och KI-studenter examen från Karolinska Institutet. Vi är så otroligt stolta över alla och vill tacka alla er som på ett eller annat sätt engagerat er i MF under er studietid – MF ÄR våra medlemmar och hade inte funnits utan er!

Nu ger ni er av ut i den stora världen för att uppleva nya spännande äventyr – men kom ihåg att MF alltid finns här för er. När vår Alumniförening kommer igång hoppas vi att den ska locka tillbaka er på middagar och mingel, där ni tillsammans kan se tillbaka på er tid som MF:are och minnas (eller inte minnas?) allt kul ni gjort under er tid här och alla fantastiska vänskapsband ni knutit.

Men innan vi blickar allt för långt in i framtiden – nu ska ni, i ett historiskt, aldrig-någonsin-tidigare-skådat ögonblick, ta examen från KAROLINSKA INSTITUTET! Det blir ju inte riktigt som man tänkt sig, det tråkigaste är såklart att vi inte har någon examensefterfest nu på lördag. MEN ganska coolt ändå att få uppleva något helt nytt som ingen KI graduate någonsin tidigare gjort?! Och vi hoppas verkligen att vi får träffa er alla på examensmiddagen och examensefterfesten i januari!

Följ examensceremonierna live via länken nedan. Först ut är arbetsterapeuter, fysioterapeuter, biomedicinska analytiker, audionomer, logopeder idag kl. 13!

KI:s examensceremonier: https://utbildning.ki.se/karolinska-institutets-digitala-examensceremonier-4-5-juni-2020

Här är en sneak-peak från vår hälsning som kommer visas under ceremonierna. 😀

P.S GRATTIS till vår fantastiska vice ordförande Puck som tar examen från masterprogrammet i toxikologi idag kl. 15!! (Jag har förbjudit Puck från att jobba idag)


We hear you

Our work during the past week has been heavily focused on international students, who are struggling a lot at the moment. Through a survey created by our sections BUS and PHS that we sent out to the global programmes we have been able to learn a lot more, but also reflect on what we as a student union can do. We understand that it must be difficult to either be stuck in a country without family, or at home not knowing whether you can come back to Sweden and continue your studies; especially when it comes to uncertainties around the visa (read more about residence permits from Migrationsverket here).

Last week, we presented the situation for the Ledningsråd (leadership Council at KI) , to among others KI President Ole Petter Ottersen and the Academic Vice Presidents of KI. The situation of international students is considered one of the top priorities right now, meaning that KI listened to us and will work further with this! We will continuously think about how to reach out better to all international students during this time.

Results and comments

Below you will find the results from the survey summarised in a presentation. We have also written answers to your comments and wishes raised through the survey – you can find them below. We’re sad to hear that many of you don’t feel supported by MF and we really want to improve this. All sections and student representatives work super hard to try and improve education for all students, and the whole foundation of MF is that all students are welcome to get involved and work for what YOU think is important!

As the presidium of MF, we represent all of your voices and will present the results from this survey to several instances at KI – to make sure that you are heard and that actions are taken.

Presentation and our answers:

Jessica & Puck